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The spine is tasked with holding the weight of everything that we carry all day long. To do this best, each vertebrae must be stacked appropriately into place. Our daily activities can lead to some vertebrae becoming misaligned, resulting in muscle and joint pain. Dr. Michael Zmoos and Dr. Ethan Zmoos, of Zmoos Chiropractic Center, serving the Cedar Rapids, IA area, can use a variety of spinal adjustments to relieve the pain, poor function, and other symptoms caused by misalignments. 

What Causes Misalignments?

The most common causes for vertebrae misalignments include:

  • Sudden, jarring impacts (most often from an accident or a fall)
  • Carrying heavy loads
  • Twisting motions in the body
  • Workplace or auto accidents
  • Active lifestyles
  • Degeneration of connective tissue

What Can Misalignments Do?

Misaligned vertebrae can wind up pinching the discs or nerves in that area of the spinal column. Pinching of these areas can lead to increased pain, tingling, and numbness, as well as reduced blood and signal flow through the nerves. Bulging discs are more likely to tear.

Misalignments can also result in back muscle groups having to work more to compensate for the unbalanced load on the spinal column. This can lead to inflammation and tenderness.

Can Spinal Adjustments Help?

Absolutely. Spinal adjustments are a simple procedure where the doctor gently forces the vertebrae back into its proper position. Slight pressing, gentle stretching of the back, and small pushes are usually all that is required. 

After a few spinal adjustments, the back will be better balanced while carrying loads. This will reduce the overexertion of certain back muscles, as well as any associated inflammation. Pinched nerves or bulging discs can also be expected to notice relief to the affected areas. Circulation to these areas will also improve.

If you are in the Cedar Rapids, IA area, and have questions about whether or not you could benefit from spinal adjustments, call 319-395-9598 to schedule a consultation with the team of Zmoos Chiropractic Center and begin your path to feeling better.

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